About Us

Buckland Fire & Rescue was formed in 1969 by a group of dedicated individuals determined to have a fire department to service the Rural Municipality of Buckland.  All of these founding members worked tirelessly over many years to guide and help the department develop into what it is today.

Buckland Fire & Rescue is a non-profit co-operative, charitable organization and a separate entity from the RM, it is run by a Board of Directors that are elected by the members.  Buckland Fire Department consists of approximately 30 volunteer firefighters who attend weekly training sessions along with many hours spent constructing, acquiring, maintaining, and upgrading equipment and buildings.

Buckland Fire & Rescue is contracted out by the RM to provide fire suppression and rescue services to the Municipality.  Buckland Fire & Rescue responds to all calls in the municipality that are dispatched through 911.  The average cost of a fire call can range from $5000 to $50,000+.  The cost of firefighting services are not included in the municipal taxes.

As a property owner in the RM you have two choices for firefighting services.

1.       You can become a member of Buckland Fire & Rescue.  If an emergency situation arises at a members property such member will be supplied with Buckland Fire & Rescues basic services at no extra charge to the members, with the exception of High Risk Members.  You will be required to purchase a one-time membership fee and pay an annual membership levy.  This fee goes directly to training, purchasing and maintaining equipment.

2.       Not become a member and rely on alternative resources for covering the costs of Buckland Fire Departments response.  Non-member call out rates are $800.00/unit/hr & $75.00/extra man/hr.  This option does not provide Buckland Fire & Rescue any sustainable source of revenue to help with training, purchasing and maintaining equipment.


  • Fire Chief: Paul See
  • Deputy Fire Chief: Cole Sorokan
  • Captain: George Bihun
  • Captain: Lanette Ernst
  • Captain: John Reynolds


  • Chairman: Ralph Boychuk
  • Vice Chairman: Chris Shynkaruk
  • Secretary: Chanelle Weir
  • Dave Hudak
  • Leonard Yungwirth
  • Ron Hrynenko
  • Ken Litwin
  • Kelly Giles
  • Jared Smith
  • Allan Cannon

2019 was an important year for Buckland Fire and Rescue as it marked 50 YEARS of providing firefighting and rescue services for the Rural Municipality of Buckland and surrounding areas.  Many changes have taken place in those 50 years but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the dedication and perseverance of the volunteers that are committed to training, maintaining the equipment, fundraising and being on call 24 hours a day, all to ensure that our community has a professional level of service that they can count on when needed.

Mission Statement:  Buckland Fire & Rescue is dedicated to provide emergency protection to the Rural Municipality of Buckland and surrounding area.  These protective services will be delivered professionally in a safe, accountable manner.  This is accomplished by providing the volunteer members quality training, comprehensive leadership, operational equipment, and a dedication to safe operations.