About Us

Buckland Fire and Rescue was started in 1969 by a group of forward thinking individuals. All of these founding members worked tirelessly over many years to guide and help the department develop into what it is today. Tens of thousands of hours have been donated over the years by those original members as well as many volunteers who have became members since. Their time has been spent constructing, acquiring, maintaining, and upgrading equipment and buildings. We are proud to be a privately owned fire department operating under the Co-operative acts of Saskatchewan.

After incorporation the fire department began the first phase. Efforts were concentrated on the development of all types of fire fighting equipment. This included structure, vehicle, grassland and forest fires.

In the last fourteen years the second phase of the department has developed to include equipment and training to respond to motor vehicle accidents. The department responds to motor vehicle accidents and vehicle fires in the RM of Buckland up to Hanson Hill Road, also three miles North of Waskesiu turn off along highway #2 to Weyakwin up the Elaine Lake road and to Timber Bay.

The third phase has brought technical rescue training and equipment to the department. Recently a team has been certified for embankment rescue. The fourth phase of Search and Rescue has been integrated into the department with ongoing training and resources. Fire suppression is still a part of Buckland Fire and Rescue, however other areas of protective services have become increasingly important.


Buckland Fire and Rescue

Buckland Fire & Rescue
Buckland Emergency Services Crest

Services Provided:

  • Firefighting
  • Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)
  • TRAP (Technical Rescue Advanced Personnel)
  • Trench Rescue – online
  • Resources for – High Angle, Confined Space & Water Rescue
  • Preparations and resources for – Search & Rescue and Urban Search & Rescue


  • 3 engines, 4 tanker units, 1 semi tanker unit and 2 rescue units
  • 3 Technical Rescue Trailers, housing specialized rescue equipment
  • 3 Units with Highway Rescue Capabilities
  • MULE side by side off-road rescue unit


  • Buckland Fire & Rescue operates as a co-operative
  • Members pay a one time share.  A yearly levy is then applied to members to support operational costs.


  • Shares (one time fee)
    • $30.00/Residence
    • $50.00/Commercial
  • Levies
    • $125.00/yr/Residence
    • $200.00/yr/Commercial
  • If you have more than one residential dwelling on a property you need to purchase a membership share for every household on that property.

Non-Member Rates:

  • For those who choose not to become a member of our department or who do not pay their annual levy, or fail to report a controlled burn, our rates are as follows:
    • $800.00/truck/hr. (includes two men)
    • $45.00/extra man/hr.

Benefits of being a member:

  • Members have ownership of the organization.  At the annual meeting they can nominate and vote on directors for the board, vote on by-law changes and provide input on how the department is run.
  • In the case of an emergency situation at a member’s property such member shall be supplied with basic fire & rescue services at no extra charge to the member.
  • Assurance that a professionally trained and equipped emergency services department will respond to your 911 call, 24 hrs. per day, 365 days per year, if you or your family is ever in need.

Services that may be required that are not included  in the members basic coverage are:

  • Mutual Aid Resource
  • Incident Investigation
  • On Scene Security
  • Any additional resources deemed necessary to respond to the emergency
  • Responding to controlled burns for which we have not received advanced notification

Buckland Fire & Rescue Partial Fleet

In an EMERGENCY call 911