Propane Safety

barbeque-grill-and-tanksPropane can be dangerous. Check all propane heating equipment and appliances inside and outside your home to ensure they are working properly.

Using Propane Safely

Practice the following tips to stay safe:

  • Never smoke while handling a propane cylinder.
  • Ensure the valve is fully open when the propane tank is turned on.
  • Never use cylinders that have been exposed to fire, are leaking or appear to be damaged, corroded, bulging, gouged or excessively rusted. Check hoses and O-rings for cracks or other signs of wear.
  • Keep your tank at least one-third full during the winter to ensure propane is supplied to your equipment and vaporizes properly.
  • Never use or store cylinders indoors or in any other enclosed structure.
  • Never refill a cylinder that has not been inspected and requalified (cylinders must be inspected and requalified every 10 years).
  • Always position cylinders so the valve/hose connections do not cause sharp bends in the hose.
  • Clear away snow around large tanks to allow for proper vaporization and access for maintenance or filling.
  • Test connections by brushing on soapy water and turning on the gas to ensure there are no leaks. If bubbles appear around connections, or you smell rotten eggs, turn off the gas and tighten the connections. Repeat the test. If bubbles and/or the smell continue, shut off the valve and have the equipment serviced by a qualified propane dealer.