Buckland Fire & Rescue is a non-profit co-operative, charitable organization and a separate entity from the Rural Municipality of Buckland, it is run by a Board of Directors that are elected by the members.

To become a member a one time share is to be purchased. In addition to the share an annual emergency services levy is also applied. This fee helps supplement some of the many costs associated with owning/operating an emergency service department.
Some of the major expenses that Buckland Fire & Rescue is faced with are training for our firefighters, equipment maintenance & replacement, equipment certifications, radio licensing and service fees, building maintenance and utilities.

Member Benefits

  • Members have the opportunity to nominate and elect directors for the board and vote on by-law changes.
  • If an emergency situation arises at a members property such member shall be supplied with basic fire & rescue services at no extra charge to the members, with the exception of High Risk Members.
  • Reassurance that if your family is ever in need a trained and well equipped emergency services department will respond to your 911 call 24hrs. per day, 365 days per year.

Membership Share Classes

Residential – Property in which the primary use is for a single family residence or farming operation.
Commercial– Property in which the primary use is for business operations. May or may not also include occupied building(s) or residence. ie: Someone living on site, multi-unit residential complex, etc…
High Risk– The Board of Directors may designate a property as High Risk where it is not feasible for the potential risks of an operation to be covered by a residential or commercial membership. If designated as a High Risk Member certain conditions will apply.

Services that are not included in member’s basic coverage

  • Some Mutual Aid resources.
  • Incident investigation.
  • On site security.
  • Any additional resources deemed necessary during the emergency.
  • Responding to controlled burns for which we have not received advanced notification.
  • Multiple false alarm calls.

Membership Fees

Share (one-time fee): Residential/Farm $30.00
Commercial/High Risk $50.00

Annual Levy: Residential/Farm $150.00/yr.
Commercial/High Risk $225.00/yr.

Take Note: A second residence/business on a property requires a separate membership for coverage.

Buckland_Fire_Application_2024 (PDF)

Non-Member Rates for Service
$1,090.23/truck/hr (includes 2 Firefighters)
$75.00/extra Firefighter/hr.