Services Provided


Firefighting is one of Buckland Fire & Rescues main services that they provide. The firefighters are continuously training and upgrading the firefighting equipment making sure they have the proper knowledge and reliable equipment to be able to perform their duties in a safe effective manner.

Structure Fires – There is a wide range of structures within the Rural Municipality of Buckland that Buckland Fire & Rescue may have to respond to if the need arises. There are residential dwellings, schools, community recreation facilities and halls, group homes, livestock barns, elevators, commercial business’s & large industrial businesses to name a few.

Wildland Fires – These types of fires are any fire on lands covered wholly or in part by timber, brush, grass, grain, or other flammable vegetation. The Rural Municipality encompasses approximately 40,000 acres of the Nisbet Provincial Forest, the Shell, Little Red and Garden Rivers, and a large range of farm land. During the dry, windy seasons Buckland Fire & Rescue has to be prepared to respond to these types of fires as they can spread rapidly too many of the surrounding structures within the Municipality.

Motor Vehicle Fires –Vehicle fires are fires that involve any types of motor vehicle. There is a wide range of vehicles that travel within the Rural Municipality of Buckland they can range from sport utility vehicles, cars & half ton trucks, school buses, transport tractor trailers, farm machinery and forestry equipment. The firefighters need to be careful while attending vehicle fires as they can be dangerous due to the toxic gases they produce while on fire, parts of the vehicle can also burst because of heat and shoot debris great distances, and some vehicles may also be transporting hazardous or flammable material.

It is very important that the firefighters are trained & provided with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to be able to perform their duties at all these types of fires and not be at risk of personal injury.

Vehicle Rescue (Extrication)

Vehicle Rescue is the other main service Buckland Fire & Rescue provides. They attend many motor vehicle accidents along the major highways and rural roadways within the Rural Municipality. To be able to perform extrications effectively the firefighters are constantly training and staying ahead of technology. Some of the specialized tools used in extrications are the spreaders; also known as “the Jaws”. This tool is used to spread open small openings to gain access to those whom are trapped. Another tool is the shears, these are basically a big pair of scissors that are used for cutting various metal objects. Many other tools used in extrications include extension rams, pneumatic air tools, high or low pressure air bags, and a variety of various hand tools.
Many of the motor vehicle accidents Buckland Fire & Rescue attend do not require extrications, but they do provided traffic control; directing traffic around the scene making sure it is safe for the victims, our firefighters, and other emergency personnel. Buckland Fire also cleans or contacts the proper haz-mat agency if any fluids or hazardous materials where spilled during an accident and they provide medical assistance when required.

To be able to properly train for motor vehicle extrication and to become efficient with all of the specialized tools Buckland Fire & Rescue is in need of vehicles to train on. If you have old vehicles that is of no use to you please contact Fire Chief Garry Schrader at 306-961-5496. We would be willing to purchase at a fair price or would gladly accept donations as charitable donation receipts can be issued.

Technical Rescue

Technical rescue” is a special skills area of the fire service that focuses on the application of specific knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely resolve unique and/or complex rescue situations. Examples include: rescues from confined spaces, trench collapse, water emergencies, structural collapse, and rescuing people trapped above or below grade or in other challenging situations. Providing multi-disciplined technical rescue services requires careful planning, a large time commitment from the team members, equipment research and acquisition, risk analysis, specialized training, and funding. Due to these requirements Buckland Fire & Rescue cannot individually perform these types of rescues.
If a situation does arise within the Municipality that requires technical rescue Buckland Fire & Rescue will dispatch one of our Mutual Aid partners having the advanced training and special equipment to safely and efficiently conduct technical rescue operations. Buckland Fire & Rescue can then offer support and provide assistance to these Mutual Aid partners.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue is an effort to save persons whose locations are not precisely known from hazardous situations. Buckland Fire & Rescue has a team of firefighters who have the training to lead and attend Search & Rescue calls within the province of Saskatchewan. They are a chapter within the Search & Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers (SARSAV).